Additional Prohibited Activities

All Hosts are required to comply with the following rules concerning additional prohibited activities.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in the suspension or removal of a Host’s Account from the SJG Platform.

  1. Accommodation of Guests with Disabilities. In accordance with local, state and federal law, a Host cannot refuse services to Guests who require the transport of a service animal or on the basis of a Guest’s disability to the extent the Host can accommodate the Guest’s disability without undue burden. All Hosts are required to comply with all applicable laws regarding individuals with disabilities or service animals. A Host may offer special vehicle services to wheelchairs. Within the SJG Platforms, Hosts can select eligibility to transport wheelchairs if their vehicles are wheelchair accessible. These services must comply with all state and federal safety laws.  If for any reason a Host cannot accommodate a person with a disability or service animal, the Host should immediately contact the See Jane Go emergency line so other accommodations can be made as quickly as possible.


  1. See Jane Go has zero tolerance for unlawful discrimination against any Guest or potential Guest. This includes discrimination based on the following factors:
    1. Race;
    2. Color;
  • National origin;
  1. Religion;
  2. Marital status;
  3. Sex or gender identity;
  • Physical or mental disability or medical condition;
  • Age (over the age of 40 years);
  1. Sexual orientation; and
  2. Any other basis prohibited by law.

To the extent a Guest who identifies as a male requests a ride from a Host with the use of the SJG Platform, alternative transportation will promptly be provided to such Guest through another transportation network company.  Should a Host feel unsafe about picking up a passenger the Host may refuse to do so.     If you choose to refuse a Guest, proceed to a safe location and contact See Jane Go immediately so the passenger can be assisted as soon as possible.

  1. Drug and Alcohol Use. Consistent with CPUC rules, See Jane Go has zero tolerance for the use or transportation of drugs and alcohol, including the misuse of prescription drugs, while Hosts are providing services to Guests with the use of the SJG Platform. For Guest safety, the App includes a phone number and email to report any Host suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In the event a Host is suspected of driving while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, the Host will be immediately suspended from using the SJG Platform until further investigation, which can result in the removal of the Host’s Account from the SJG Platform.
  2. Firearms and Weapons. See Jane Go has zero tolerance for the presence of illegal firearms or other illegal weapons in the vehicle while the driver is providing services to Guests with the use of the SJG Platform.
  3. Fraud. See Jane Go has zero tolerance for the attempt or involvement in fraudulent activity including but not limited to:
    1. Falsification of ride distance or route;
    2. Charging false Guest cleaning fees;
  • Posting false, mislead, inaccurate, or illegal information on the SJG Platform;
  1. Accepting a ride request without any intention of picking up the Guest;
  2. Encouraging a passenger to request future rides without using the SJG Platform.
  3. Impersonation of another person or entity;
  • Operating with the intent for human trafficking;
  • Infringement on rights and freedoms of passengers;
  1. Inference, forgery, or corruption of the platform, software, profiles, or files including the use of robots to access data;
  2. Transferring, selling, leasing, or renting a Host’s Account;
  3. Using the platform to cause property damage; or
  1. Violation of any local, state, or federal law.
  2. Improper Use of Promotional Codes. See Jane Go may create or distribute promotional codes as deemed appropriate by See Jane Go. Promotional codes are used for ride-hail credit or other benefits on the SJG Platform or relevant third-party technology platforms or apps. A Host may not promote, duplicate, sell or transfer promotional codes in any way unless she has the expressed permission of See Jane Go. Promotional codes used by Guests must be use lawfully and by the intended audience for the intended purpose. Promotional codes are never valid for cash and may expire. A Host cannot accept expired coupons. If See Jane Go finds misuse in promotional codes, See Jane Go may remove account credits or features related to the promotional codes. Host Accounts may be subject to suspension or removal from the SJG Platform for misuse of promotional codes.
  3. Texting and Other Use of Phones While Driving. As required by applicable law, Hosts must have a hands-free mobile device while using the SJG Platform. See Jane Go has a zero tolerance for text messaging, operation of phones without a hands-free device or personal phone calls while a vehicle is moving. Hosts may never text while driving. In the event of an emergency phone call, a Host must find a safe place to stop the vehicle before placing or accepting the phone call.
  4. Inappropriate Conduct. See Jane Go wants both Hosts and Guests to feel safe and respected. See Jane Go does not tolerate any inappropriate or unprofessional behavior. Hosts and Guests are held to the See Jane Go standards of conduct including but not limited to: (i) respect of personal boundaries and space; (ii) refraining from inappropriate or unwarranted touching of persons or possessions; and   (iii) belligerent behavior.

See Jane Go expects all Guests and Hosts to show each other respect and hopes that in the ride-hail process compassion and understanding will be used at all times. If a Host believes a Guest is in violation of these standards of conduct, the Host should report the Guest to See Jane Go. If a Host is reported to have violated of these standards of conduct, the Host’s Account may be subject to suspension or removal from the SJG Platform.

  1. Excluded Guests. A Host may not accept a ride-hail from a Guest under the age of 18, a Guest who has misrepresented themselves on their account identifying information, a Guest attempting to transport illegal items or a Guest attempting to transport hazardous materials.