See Jane Go | Women. Driven.

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Finally, a ride-hail option designed with women in mind. See Jane Go offers a
women-driving-women trusted alternative to traditional ride hail.
(Because we think getting into cars with strange men
should be reserved only for online dating.)

women. driven.


Imagine pushing a button on your smartphone while a female driver comes to you.
(Prepare to feel powerful.)
Imagine customized options to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable.
(We vote in favor of choices.)
Imagine helping other women every time you ride.
(We pay it forward to causes you can get behind.)

Okay, you can stop imagining.
She's here.
Meet Jane.


You're going to love Jane.


Our Vision is simple: See Jane Go is a vehicle to move women forward. We’re offering new opportunities to earn a living and an alternative ride-hail service that provides peace of mind. We want to enable women to live their best lives and ensure our drivers, passengers, investors and partners benefit by connecting with us. See Jane Go is not just a ride, it’s a destination.


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Tell us where you'll ride with Jane. School? A concert? A girl’s night out?
Why do you want to drive with Jane? Extra money for a special occasion? Financial freedom?
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