Vehicle Inspection Policy

See Jane Go holds safety as a major priority, and such safety includes a thorough check of a vehicle’s function and safety features before a Host may use such vehicle while using the SJG Platform. A Host may only use the SJG Platform with a vehicle that has been approved and registered with See Jane Go.

The California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) requires that a Host’s vehicle pass a vehicle inspection conducted at a licensed Bureau of Automotive Repair (“BAR”) Facility. Hosts’ vehicles must pass a multi-point inspection that meets or exceeds CPUC requirements.

A vehicle’s failure to pass any of the inspection points will result in disqualification of the vehicle. The pass or failure of each item is subject to the inspection, observation and expressed opinion of a licensed BAR Facility. Host must upload a picture of the completed Vehicle Inspection form or other evidence the vehicle has complied with the CPUC inspection requirements to their account by logging into their driver account on the See Jane Go website.

A Host’s vehicle must be a model no older than 11 years old and maintain mileage not exceeding 150,000.

Hosts with clean vehicles tend to receive optimal tips and maintain good driver ratings.  See Jane Go therefore encourages Hosts to keep their vehicles clean at all times

In the event of an accident, a Host must have her vehicle recertified through the multi-point Inspection.  In addition, the CPUC requires that Hosts must obtain a BAR Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection each 50,000 miles driven on the vehicle or once annually, whichever is sooner.  Evidence of this inspection must be uploaded to your See Jane Go account to remain active as a Host on the platform.