Values | See Jane Go
  •  I am Jane.
  •  I am empowered.
  •  I believe in equality, while acknowledging and embracing our differences.
  •  I believe that people should be able to earn a living without the threat of discomfort, harassment or assault in the workplace, whether that workplace is a building or a car.
  •  I believe that everyone has the right to be proactive about their safety and the safety of others, while recognizing that some safety needs and accommodations can vary among genders.
  •  I believe people become stronger by supporting each other.
  •  I believe acknowledging disparities is the first step in resolving them.
  •  I believe love, compassion, and kindness triumph over hate, every time.
  •  I believe that doing the honorable thing doesn’t change based on what’s happening around me, because I am guided by my internal compass.


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