Teenager Pre-scheduled Rides Program

See Jane Go launched a Teen Program to provide pre-scheduled ride services for female minors ages 12-17. Our mission is to provide parents with peace of mind and offer a female friendly alternative to Uber and Lyft. Whether it’s after school pick-up, evening transportation after practice or club meetings, or rides to school functions and events, See Jane Go is proud to offer parents the option to pre-schedule rides for their teenage daughters and feel comfortable sending their daughter in a vehicle with a female driver.

To participate in this program, the parents and participating teen need to acknowledge the guidelines for this program and sign the teenager-code-of-conduct-authorization-form.   After reading and signing the form, scan or take a photo and email to info@seejanego.co.

Teenager Program FAQs

My daughter is 14, can she use See Jane Go?

Yes! We think it’s important for everyone to have a safe ride home and we want to help working parents when they need someone to pick-up and drop-off their daughters. We offer transportation services from female minors 12+ after we received a signed copy of our Teenager Code of Conduct and Parental Authorization.


Can my son take a Jane?

Boys and Men are welcome in our Jane vehicles when they are with a female.  If a male is alone for his travels then we will use a third-party service to facilitate the ride.


Can my child create her own account with See Jane Go?

Minors are unable to legally consent to a contract, therefore, See Jane Go policy states that a minor’s mother or father must sign up for an account and agree to our Terms of Service. The parent then grants his/her daughter permission to use the parent’s account after the parent and daughter have signed and submitted the See Jane Go Code of Conduct and Parental Authorization Forms.


Can my daughter use my account to hail on-demand rides?

Once you and your daughter sign the code of conduct and parental authorization you can use the app for on-demand and prescheduled rides.

We ask that you utilize our prescheduled rides program as this will ensure a ride for your daughter at the time that it is needed. Our wait times for on-demand rides can be longer than other ride hail companies and we don’t want your daughter to be left without a ride with a female driver.


How do I pre-schedule a ride for my daughter if the account is under my name with my information?

When you pre-schedule a ride for your daughter in the app there is a “special considerations” box where you can inform the driver of any special notes.  Use this area to specify if this ride is for your daughter; please tell us her name and phone number so the driver can contact her if necessary.  Please let us know if there is a specific area at the location where she will be waiting and anything else you think is important to tell us about the ride.


Does my daughter need to have a phone to use the service?

For Pre-Scheduled Rides a smart phone is not required.  If the parent schedules the ride for her daughter and inputs all necessary information about the pick-up/drop- off there is no need for her daughter to have a smart phone, she will just be at the designated pick up spot and the requested pick up time.

For On-demand Rides a parent will provide his/her daughter consent to download the app onto her smart phone she will have to log into her parent’s account to hail an on-demand ride.

Again, See Jane Go highly recommends using our pre-scheduled rides program as on-demand rides have varying wait times and availability.