See Jane Go Announces Partnership with Laura’s House, Domestic Violence Agency

Holding True to its Mission of “Moving Women Forward” the Female Ride-Hail Company Commits to Giving a Percentage of Every Ride to Assist Orange County Domestic Violence Agency

LAGUNA HILLS, CA–(January 17, 2016) – See Jane Go, Inc., the nation’s first operating women-driving-women ride-hail service, today announced its partnership with Laura’s House, the only state-approved comprehensive domestic violence agency in South Orange County. “Since inception, it has been our intention to give a percentage of each ride to a charitable cause,” says See Jane Go Founder William Jordan. “We surveyed our entire female driver base to see which causes resonated with them and Laura’s House emerged as the clear choice for a non-profit alliance.”

The connection between providing transportation and empowerment was a clear fit according to Laura’s House CEO and Executive Director Margaret Bayston. She stated, “The fight to break the cycle of domestic violence requires the efforts of many, which is why Laura’s House remains so grateful to all its partners, particularly those like See Jane Go, who share our commitment to empowering women. See Jane Go is providing much more than safe and comfortable transportation for women in our care; it’s helping to provide the strength to rebuild lives.”
Like all See Jane Go riders, Laura’s House program participants will enjoy a customized and comfortable atmosphere. Two additional perks of riding with See Jane Go are the inherent safety of female drivers, and the fact that See Jane Go is gifting Laura’s House with cost-free and easy to access rides for their women by using their profits to absorb the cost of the rides.

Amy Borst, Clinical Director of Laura’s House comments, “It is not always the safest or most convenient venue when traveling with young children, to utilize public transportation in Orange County – and is oftentimes the greatest hindrance to a survivor following through with admission to shelter. It can be viewed as their first ‘failure’ to making a positive change in their lives given the many obstacles they would encounter in their attempts to do so. The relationship between Laura’s House and See Jane Go will greatly assist in the provision of safe, convenient transportation, which will in turn break through those initial barriers in seeking help and ultimately a change in their lives. See Jane Go is providing a positive option to those who oftentimes feel ‘stuck’ in their situation and option-less.”
With plans to expand to cities across the country, See Jane Go will continue to seek non-profit alliances nationwide to realize our vision of empowering female drivers and passengers to reach their goals and destinations.

To become a See Jane Go driver or rider, register today at Interested investors are encouraged to visit the website to learn more about the investment opportunity.


About See Jane Go
See Jane Go was conceived during a conversation between Founder William Jordan and his daughter, Savannah, while driving home from an L.A. Lakers game. Savannah expressed interest in driving for an existing ride-hail service and William was adamantly opposed due to concern for his daughter’s safety. The idea for See Jane Go, the first women-driving-women ride-hail app, was born. Today, See Jane Go meets the specific needs of female drivers and passengers in Orange County and Long Beach, Calif., with plans to expand nationwide. It is steered by a female-majority executive management team and committed to providing women the opportunity to earn an income on their terms and a trusted ride-hail alternative for female passengers. Interested drivers and riders can join Jane’s tribe online at