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All-female ride hail app looks forward to more expansion

LAGUNA HILLS, CALIF. (SEPT. 13, 2017) – See Jane Go announced today the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Cassandra Miller, to the nation’s first women-driving-women ride-hail platform.  Miller is one of the company’s founders and served as Chief Operating Officer for See Jane Go since the company’s inception.

This exciting announcement comes on the one-year anniversary of See Jane Go’s beta launch in Orange County, CA.  Since its launch 12 short months ago, See Jane Go has differentiated itself from the other ride-hail providers with its service and offering that has been built with a focus on the needs of an exclusively female audience.  See Jane Go has spent the first 12 months of operation maturing its mobile application, and developing unique programs that focus on how women prefer to operate, with advanced planning, relationships with regular drivers, and a focus on community.

As See Jane Go looks to the future, it plans to expand to Los Angeles County in the first quarter of 2018 and shortly after, into the rest of Southern California and beyond.  Orange County and Long Beach markets currently have 1,000 women drivers ready to serve ladies looking for another option in ride-hail services.

Miller, who spent the last year leading the product management, finance, marketing, regulatory affairs, and overall company operations, is now responsible for leading the entire organization. To people close to the company, it is no surprise that Miller was chosen as the company’s new CEO, as she has consistently been a powerful force moving the company forward, with innovative solutions and a tireless focus on execution.  She has become well known to all in the See Jane Go community as a leader, advocate, and supporter of the women that the company serves.

Miller is a serial entrepreneur who has spent her career building, developing and growing a variety of service businesses, translating the corporate vision into an intricate structure of technology, service, operations, and innovative customer experiences. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from UC Irvine and graduated with honors from UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business, Executive MBA program. Her transition into the role of CEO was a long time coming. Her commitment, determination, impressive skill set and attitude have created the foundation on which See Jane Go is now built.

“The first year for any new company is a bit of a beta phase; I’m happy to say that See Jane Go is now transitioning the early lessons of the beta phase into the execution and growth phase,” said Miller. “I am so excited to put everything we’ve learned in year one into making the coming years a huge success.”   

“Cassandra is uniquely qualified for this position, not only because of her business acumen, but because of her personal life experiences as well,” said Mark Theissen, president and board member for See Jane Go.   “She has a passion for helping women and compassion for their challenges at a very personal level.  You can’t be any more committed than that.”

Miller is an example of determination and grit as she has risen from personal experiences of being a teen mom, surviving domestic violence, homelessness and poverty to her current role as the leader of this promising mission-driven company, providing freedom and safety to women in transportation.  She brings the same tireless persistence and drive to succeed to her position at See Jane Go.

About See Jane Go

See Jane Go is the first women driving women ride hail service to successfully launch and operate in the US.  Like Uber and Lyft, See Jane Go gets people from Point A to point B by utilizing an app, but that is where the similarities end.

Miller explains, “Ride-hail services are by nature high tech and efficient, but the focus on technology and efficiencies have taken away some of the old-fashioned values that women cherish. See Jane Go includes these cherished values into our service offering and company culture; simplicity, long term relationships, scheduling ahead, contractors who value their business beyond just a “gig” or “side hustle”, and deep connections to your local community.”

See Jane Go gives women the freedom to access the benefits of ride-hail without the fear and discomfort associated with being alone in a car with a man you don’t know. Interested drivers and riders can join Jane’s tribe online at

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Sep, 13, 2017