Preschedule a Ride

Pre-schedule a Ride

ORANGE COUNTY & GREATER LONG BEACH, CA  ONLY – Hey, ladies, heading to the airport, work, or school? Need a ride to a doctor’s appointment, business meeting or special event? Jane’s got you covered with Pre-Scheduled Rides
in Orange County & Long Beach, California.

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See Jane Go is the female-friendly alternative to Uber and Lyft offering ladies the option to hail a ride on demand or schedule rides in advance to give you a comfortable and prompt pick-up.

Why Pre-Schedule a Ride?

If you’re a “take control of my destiny” kind of gal, a pre-scheduled ride is great for you!

  • Early morning airport runs – your female driver is there for you, even at 4 AM!
  • Business meetings, doctor’s appointments, and spa days, when you’ve got to be there on time
  • First dates can be uber creepy – have your gal pal Jane waiting to get you home safely
  • Morning, noon, or night, 7-days a week! – for your daily transportation needs

How do I Pre-Scheduled Ride?

You can schedule a ride in advance in your app (the free app is available in your app store for iphone and android)

  • Open your See Jane Go app
  • Click “Schedule a Ride” and fill out the form
  • Receive a confirmation message from Jane that your request has been received
  • Once we match you with a driver we will send you a confirmation that your ride has been scheduled

Jane’s Road Rules

2 hour Advance Notice. To give you the best Jane experience possible, we’ll need 2 hours notice to connect you with a driver in your area.

Cancellation Fees. If you cancel less than 2 hours in advance, you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee.

Tardiness Code of Conduct.  For pre-scheduled rides, your driver will arrive at your pick-up location and wait for you for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you do not arrive within those ten minutes, your driver will be released from the ride, and you will be charged the $15 cancellation fee.

When You’re a Little Late: We get it – the alarm didn’t go off or you need a few extra minutes with your glam squad to get ready. No worries – if you’re running late, be a good girlfriend and give your driver a call or text to let her know.

Scheduled Rides FAQ’s

  1. Do I need a smartphone?
    A.No, you or a friend or family member can arrange a ride a minimum of 2 hours in advance through the app or call customer service to make your arrangements. See Jane Go is an app-based company, similar to Uber and Lyft but you only need a smartphone to hail a ride on-demand!
  2. Can I request my favorite driver?
    A.For pre-scheduled rides, you can always ask if your favorite Jane is available. Just keep in mind, sometimes her dance card will be full, so she may not be able to accommodate your request every time! We’ll do our best to accommodate you.
  3. What airports do you service?
    A.Currently, See Jane Go provides pick-up and drop off services at Long Beach Airport and  drop off services at the John Wayne Airport. We are in the process of having our airport permits approved, and Jane will be able to fully service several airports in Southern California in the near future!
  4. How far can I take a Jane?
    A.Currently, See Jane Go is operating in Orange County and Long Beach. Your ride must originate from those areas, but our drivers can take you as far as you wish! Disneyland, Rodeo Drive, and Vegas Baby!
  5. Do you have car seats?
    A.It is the responsibility of the passenger to provide her own car seat if she needs it.
  6. Can I bring my man?
    A.Sure! Men are welcome in See Jane Go vehicles, as long as they have their lady to vouch for them! Also, couples stick together, so your man needs to exit the vehicle when you do!
  7. What happens if I need to cancel my ride with Jane?
    A.Canceling pre-scheduled rides is easy! Just e-mail or call customer service to alert them of your cancellation. Just remember: if you cancel less than 2 hours in advance, you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee.