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let’s hook our wagons together!

See Jane Go will be expanding our cities served and our related base of women drivers and passengers.

We anticipate these Janes to be die-hard lovers of the brand they are helping to create and grassroots ambassadors to the unique experience of driving and riding with us. As we quickly build this captive and loyal audience, we want to surprise and delight our women with in-car access to samples, discounts, and promotions for products and services we KNOW they will appreciate.

This presents a unique opportunity to our affiliate partner companies to align with the Jane brand and gain exposure for your product or service during each and every ride. Please know that we only accept cruelty-free products that have not been tested on animals and do not contain animal ingredients. At Jane, we like keeping it kind!

Whether you’re with a national, international, or local company or organization, if you are interested in partnering with Jane and believe we’d be equally impressed by the cool products or services for your profit or non-profit company provides, tell us why below.


Partner Application

Any use of the Jane name or logo prior to our having a partnership agreement in place is prohibited.


If you’re looking for an investment opportunity, contact us at

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