New Rideshare Option for Women, By Women, to Launch in Long Beach Saturday

A new rideshare app is ready to enter the $68 billion ride-hail market by creating rideshare experiences specifically for women, by women.

See Jane Go, the new “women-driving-women ride-hail app” will host its third onboarding event in Long Beach (its first in Los Angeles County) at Gaslamp Music + Bar + Kitchen on Saturday, December 3 from 9:00AM to 11:00AM, where over 200 pre-registered See Jane Go drivers are expected to attend, along with Long Beach City Councilmembers Stacy Mungo and Suzie Price.

The company was founded by William Jordan and his daughter Savannah as a safer alternative to ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

“She and I were both uncomfortable with the thought of her getting into a car with a man she didn’t know and we wondered if there was a way to provide similar services exclusively for women,” Jordan told the Post.


While the majority of ride shares occur without incident, See Jane Go’s CEO Kimberly Toonen told Forbes that among the incidents that do happen in rideshare vehicles, 97 percent of assaults are by men.

Toonen also told Forbes, in light of See Jane Go’s Orange County debut in September, that women make up 25 percent of drivers for traditional rideshares.

“Some have told me they feel anywhere from mildly harassed to downright threatened by some of their male passengers,” Toonen told the magazine. “One in a resort area told me that she stops driving after about 10:00PM, when passengers are likely to have been drinking.”

The new platform is planning to expand across the country, and eventually worldwide, “creating a movement to provide an alternative vehicle for women to earn an income on their terms,” according to officials.

See Jane Go also offers rides to men, as long as they’re accompanied by a woman.


The Driver Onboarding Event in Long Beach is See Jane Go’s first soft launch in the Los Angeles market, said Jordan, who said they’ve already had requests from prospective drivers and future passengers to come to the seaside city.

“Long Beach is a thriving city with restaurants, clubs and universities,” said Jordan. “We look forward to providing a new and trusted riding alternative and for creating new jobs for women in Long Beach who want to work as independent contractors, set their own hours and be part of a movement of women helping women.”

For more information, or to register as a driver or a passenger, visit the website here.

Gaslamp Music + Bar + Kitchen is located at 6251 East PCH.

Dec, 06, 2016