Driver Training | See Jane Go

Below is a list of everything you’ll need to do to become an official Jane driver:


1. Register as a Driver

If you haven't registered online already,
  • Register to be a See Jane Go Driver by viewing this tutorial and completing all instructions.
Take photos and upload the following documents in you online registration:
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Photo for profile

2. Complete a Vehicle Inspection

  • Download Vehicle Inspection Form
  • You can complete your vehicle inspection at any BAR Certified Mechanic.
    • Mobile inspections are also available for $20. Cntact us at for more information.
      • If you have an Uber or Lyft inspection that is less than 9 months old, you can upload that form.
        • Some locations that offer inspections for around $20 include:

        (Firestone Locations)

        • After your inspection is completed with a “PASS” upload it to your See Jane Go driver account by clicking here.

3. Complete Driver Training


4. Meet with your Super Jane Mentor

After completing the above steps (you will receive an email introduction after registering):
  • Download the app
  • Take a sample ride for mentoring with a chance to ask questions. Your mentor will complete and submit a form at the end of your ride. (Super Jane, Click here to access the evaluation form).
  • Get your driver box and official See Jane Go trade dress. (This will be shipped directly to you.)
  • If you have not yet received your box but want to start driving, download your temporary trade dress in the bullet point below and follow instructions.
  • Temporary Trade Dress with Instructions
  • If you would like information on how pricing works, click here.

5. Start driving!


6. Market Your Business!

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