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See Jane Go launches in OC with women-only ride hail service

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft are tremendously popular. In the L.A. area alone, there are almost 100,000 people offering rides through those two companies, yet only 17 percent of their drivers are women. This weekend, a new company hopes to change that. See Jane Go, based in Laguna Hills, will offer rides for women […] Read more

Sep, 02, 2016



KFI 640 Radio Los Angeles: Interview with Dr. Wendy Walsh & See Jane Go CEO Kimberly Toonen

“If there is one fear that men fear about women it is that a woman will laugh at them. But the biggest fear that women have about men is that a man will kill them.” – Dr. Wendy Walsh, KFI Radio on why an all-female ride-hail program makes sense.

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