Cancellation Fee Policy

If a ride is canceled or incomplete, the Guest may be required to pay a cancellation fee, depending on the circumstances, as described below and as determined in the sole discretion of See Jane Go. Some examples include:
i. A cancellation fee will typically be charged if:
(a) A Guest cancels a ride outside of See Jane Go’s “Fee-Free” Cancelation Period;
(b) A Guest does not appear for a pick up; or
(c) A Guest enters the vehicle but does not allow the ride to begin.
ii. A cancellation fee will typically not be charged if:
(a) A Guest complains of a safety concern;
(b) You do not appear for pick up (regardless of the reason);
(c) You decide not to pick up a Guest;
(d) Your vehicle breaks down or is in an accident at any time before or during the ride;
(e) You are unable to complete the ride (for any reason);
(f) You cancel the ride after accepting it; or
(g) A Guest cancels within See Jane Go’s Fee-Free Cancellation Period.

You can review the current cancellation fees by viewing our Pricing Policy.


Terminating or Canceling Account:

If at any time a user wants to terminate or cancel her user account, it is the sole responsibility of the user to do so.

  1. In order to cancel or terminate a user account, the user must contact See Jane Go support for action by emailing
    1. Users have the option of terminating entire user account or deactivating as a rider or driver.
    2. Termination of an account may take 5-10 business days to take effect and does not include subscription to email or text notifications.